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Class times

Session Times

It is important that all children to are at school no later than 8:45.
8:50 - First bell rings for students to get drink, go to toilet and line up for class.
8:55 - 11:00 - Class Morning Session
11:00 - 11:45 - Lunchtime
11:45 - 1:15 - Class Middle Session
1:15 - 1:45 - Afternoon Tea
1:45 - 3:00 - Class Afternoon Session


It is a requirement for parents or guardians to contact the school to advise of the circumstances regarding any absence of a child from school.  This advice can be by written note, talking to the class teacher or by a phone call to the office.  Preference is for a written note if possible.  Verbal messages from other students are not acceptable.
Regular or accumulated absences and lateness for class has a distinct relationship with low academic achievement.  Maximising attendance is vital and parents informing the school about the reason for absences clarifies matters. Regular unexplained absences are reported for investigation as are reports of truancy.
Absences are reported to parents on the school report card each semester.

Before School

Students are expected to arrive at school no earlier than 8.30 am.  There is Before School Care for children who need to arrive before 8:30 am.    

Areas available to students after  8:30 am are:  the central hall area or in classrooms from 8.30 am onwards if teachers have arrived and have given permission for this to occur.

Before School Take Home Reading

Take-home reading books are changed each morning between 8:30 – 8:50.  Students will receive help from a teacher-aide or parent volunteer to change their books and parents are most welcome to assist their child with changing their books if they wish.

Every morning at any time between 8:25 – 8:50, children are to check into the library to change their books. Children who have left their book at home or have not had their home reading sheet signed will read for 5 minutes to either student buddies, parents or a teacher-aide and then have their reading signed off by the teacher-aide or parent on duty.  If your child is reading a longer book that takes a few nights, they are still required to bring it in each day to have checked off that they are reading nightly.

If you think a book is levelled incorrectly, please put a note on the book and it will be reassessed before being returned to the take-home reading book collection.  If a child misses the morning time to change their book, then they will come in at first lunch to change it in the library.  This process will ensure that children are getting their books changed daily and at a level appropriate to each child. 

It is important to note that the books being sent home should be easy for your child.  This is because we wish to build fluency, quantity of reading, reading success, self-esteem and build on their understanding of language through reading. 

After School

All students waiting for transport have to remain inside the school grounds until their parents have arrived. Students are expected to use the Refuge Crossing when crossing the road. Students using this crossing have to give way to all approaching traffic.   

Children should not remain after 3.15pm unless for scheduled commitments or under the supervision of ‘After School Care’.  If students are waiting to be picked up beyond 3:20pm they will be either sent to ‘After School Care’ (if they are a registered participant in this program) or the school will phone the parents for collection.  Where parents have difficulty keeping within these times, they should contact the office. If children accompany their parents for meetings, they are the responsibility of their parents. 

Only children who are supervised by their parents are allowed to use the Spiderweb playground after school - often a great way for families to catch-up with each other.

Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards

A number of students ride bikes scooters or skateboards to school.  During the day bikes remain in the bike racks which are ‘out of bounds’ areas. Bike locks and other securing devices are essential.   Scooters and skateboards are kept in the staffroom in a provided storage box. Students riding bikes skateboards and scooters are required to walk or carry them in and out of the school grounds.